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Where To Buy Garland For Mantle

Our best overall pick, the Frontgate Christmas Cheer Garland, comes fully decorated with lights, berries, and pinecones. Plus, it's extra long and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. For those on a budget with traditional taste, we recommend the 9-foot relit artificial Christmas garland from AMEMON. It's bright and colorful with warm white lights, perfect for cozy winter nights.

where to buy garland for mantle

Most store-bought garlands are synthetic, allowing you to use them year after year without much of a mess. If you prefer the fragrant charm of fresh or preserved garlands, those are most often made out of pine, holly, fir, and cedar branches, then decorated with pinecones, holly leaves, and ornaments.

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Where do you even start? There are so many ways to personalize garland, starting with decorating a store-bought one with ornaments and twinkle lights to make it your own. With a bit of a green thumb and a few gardening tools, you could string garland together yourself, too. Or you could go in an entirely different direction.

The easiest way to hang a Christmas garland around a window is using command hooks. They are self-adhesive and designed to be installed and removed without damaging the surface beneath. Make sure you buy the outdoor series.

Real pine garlands are incredibly messy. As much as I love the look of fresh pine draping over a table, the pine needles are the just the worse to clean up. These artificial pine garlands will give you the look of beautiful draping pine, without the clean up!

5.Pre-Lit Faux Eucalyptus and Pine Garland: New for 2022 from Pottery Barn is this stunning mixed greenery garland. This garland is lush with texture and comes pre-lit for that perfect soft glow over the mantel. It comes in 5-foot and 10-foot lengths, plus a matching wreath.

7.Real Touch Cedar and Hemlock: Thick, lush and with almost ALL 5 star reviews (and over 70,000 sales!) this cedar and hemlock garland is in stock and ready to ship. I own one of these and love it just as much as my Norfolk Pine!

Cedar is definitely my go-to for holiday decorating, but finding realistic faux cedar can be a challenge. These garlands all have excellent reviews and will add a realistic touch to your holiday decor.

12. Needle Pine Garland: I love the texture these faux pine needles bring to this garland. Mix this 6-foot garland with another pine or cedar garland, or go for a more minimalistic look and use it alone. Either way, it will be the perfect addition to your holiday decor!

15. Preserved Boxwood Garland: Boxwood is the perfect way to segment into the holidays and still looks beautiful once the New Year rolls in. Add some festive picks for Christmas to this 6-foot garland and then remove them for simple wintertime decor!

18. Fresh Eucalyptus Garland: This eucalyptus garland is absolutely breathtaking and a huge seller every year. You can mist it or allow it to dry out naturally. Since these are custom made, they will sell out quickly.

Last year I combined multiple layers of different types of garland to create a dramatic, flowing effect. Garland can be difficult to work with sometimes, especially if you are combining layers or using a very thick and heavy garland. It can be hard to get it all to hang in the way you want! I used these command hook clips and they worked so well!

To make sure it all stayed put and hung the way I wanted it to, I started with the largest and heaviest garland first. I used a combination of basic unlit pine garland and wispy mixed greenery garland (shop similar).

Overall, I hung the garland asymmetrically, so the right side drapes down the side of the fireplace farther than the left side. In a few weeks I plan on adding our stockings to the left side to balance it out, but I also like how it looks without them!

Fall is by far my favorite time of year! This past week I started adding some fall decor throughout our home. One of my favorite places to switch out the seasonal decor is our fireplace and mantle as it is the focal point of our family room. (You can see my post on how we whitewashed our fireplace here). I am in love with the way my mantle decor came out featuring this easy DIY fall garland. It was super inexpensive to make too as most of the things can be found at the Dollar Store.

I chose to go with more of a fall/harvest theme with pumpkins, leaves and flowers vs Halloween since I can keep it up throughout Thanksgiving but you can do whatever you like. And most of my mantle decor was $30 or less!

I always measure vertically from the floor to the top of the railing, all the way up the railing and then back down to the floor. This way I will account for having enough garland to drape down the post at the bottom and the top of the staircase.

I add about 1 ft per "swag" if I'm planning to swag the garland on the way up the bannister and not affix it right on top. You will likely have a little bit extra if you count this way, but it's always better to have too much than not enough in my book.

I approach the mantle in the same way, I measure from the floor, to the top of the mantle, across/over and back down to the floor. If I want to swag it a little in the front, I may account for an extra 6-12 inches.

If you do want it to swag in the front in a few places you will either need to make sure you have enough length on each side to act as weights to keep the garland in place or you may want to use command hooks + floral wire to affix the garland to the mantle so it doesn't fall.

If you have a rectangular table, we love the look of our garlands running down the center with candles. Even if that is all you add to your table, this is a simple and elevated look packed with beauty, nostalgia and charm.

We always recommend overestimating because this will assure you have enough for your designs. And if you have extra, we assure you there is always a place for a little extra garland on a bar cart, coffee table or entryway table.

As I turned the corner, it suddenly appeared in all of its festive glory: the massive Christmas tree in the middle of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel dripping in splendid elegant holiday decor. And across the stone fireplace mantel, strung across the tree, was the thickest most generously appointed ornament ball garland I'd ever seen. It was a fairy tale Christmas scene.

These thick needles area easy to handle for repetitive projects such as this garland. A stiff needle is easier to thread through the top of an ornament than a bendable piece of twine, even if that twine has been wrapped with tape.

Carefully drape the garland inside of a bag or plastic and keep covered so the balls don't lose their finish or lustre. You can also take the garland apart after Christmas, store the balls loose, and then put the garland back together or make a new decoration the next year.

For stone or drywall mantels, use high-hold adhesive clips to hold the garland in place. Or drape under and behind heavy items to hold it in place. Prevent slipping by tying the garland to your tree with chenille stems like these.

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The rustic banner was one of the first ideas I had in mind when I was asked to participate in the challenge. You see, I have a giant TV mounted right in the middle of my mantle. Great for watching TV, but not so great stylistically.

It really looked lovely on the mantle and it is such an easy DIY. I love that you found the exact blossom you sort of had in mind to pull the space together. It could definitely be used throughout the seasons.

There are some beautiful garlands out there, dressed in all kinds of ornaments and glitz. But, if you enjoy mixing up your Christmas decor, changing colors and themes, and personalizing your garland each year to coordinate with your motif, switching garlands each year can get expensive quickly. It also limits your own creativity with what has become one of my favorite decorating projects. Instead of opting for a fully embellished garland, I use the same piece of green garland each year, adding to it to make it something unique and special.

If you want to go the route of ornaments/larger items, you can use a little bit of hot glue to secure them to the garland, but try to keep it to a minimum and be prepared that it may damage some of your garland branches.

I love this lush long needle pine garland. I've had this garland for several years and it always looks just as good as when I bought it. It's 6 feet, and I use 3 total. The center of the garland is a heavy, thick wire, so I can position it however I need, even if it's to give it a 90 degree angle and hang it on the edge of the mantle. If you don't wish to be a daredevil like me and just place it on the mantle, you can secure it with Command Hooks.

I love glitter, and saw some glittered garland at a big box craft store a few years ago (either Michaels or Hobby Lobby). Unsure of how to use it, I placed it on my pine garland and manipulated the pine ends and the glittered leaves so they were layered, but not simply sitting on top of each other. I quickly ran out and bought more! I use this trick on my staircase garland as well. It is an inexpensive and easy way to get another layer onto an existing garland. Just like the pine garland, I use 3 pieces of this.

Floral picks or stems are where the magic really happens with this particular type of garland. I was always timid with this, until I continued watching tutorials from the boys at House. This particular tutorial changed how I do most of my holiday decor and is probably the only reason I can produce something like this.

For garland, I prefer having a non pre-lit, just so I can add exactly the lights I want, and to not worry about the lights shorting out and being unable to replace them. I don't have an easily accessible plug here, so I use battery powered rice lights. This is a 15 foot strand. I place the battery pack on the floor and work my way from one side to the other. Doing this towards the end means you can get the lights where you want them, without covering them up with picks or stems. 041b061a72


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